We at CheapCab realize the importance of user privacy and take appropriate measures to keep the data submitted with us completely secured. We also have a few terms and conditions that users must follow in order to avail our services. We want to inform you about the ways in which your data is used. You can go through these terms and conditions to know about our privacy policy and to avail our services.


We use cookies to track the behavior of the ser and provide a more personalized experience. By doing so we are able to predict the wants and necessities of the user and enable them to have an experience tailored specifically for them. We also try to identify the location of the user for providing a better experience. Users may feel free to deny the permission for use of cookies. Also, we cannot access the location of the user without their permission.

Personal Information

We prompt users to submit their personal information in the forms provided in our website. By filling up the form you enable us to contact you to inform you about our services. You can also use our forms for getting a follow up on any query that you might have. These forms are optional to fill up. To submit the form you will be required to fill in the necessary fields. We only share information with third parties that are involved in the entire service which you receive through our website.

Identity Theft

In case an identity theft is reported, we will terminate the service provided to the accused till the name is created.

Authenticity of data

All the data provided on our website is only meant for reference purposes. We do not guarantee the authenticity of data and will not be liable due to any harm caused by the information derived from this data.

Changes in itinerary

You may feel free to change your travel plans anytime. We enable you to change your booking and even cancel it at the last minute. With us, traveling is as flexible as it gets.

Governing Law

All the legal disputes that our company falls into will be disputed according to the law of Delhi NCR. All the conflicts will be resolved through this law. The disputes will be resolved in court.

Warranty of Information

It is your responsibility to provide accurate information about yourself. In case there is any discrepancy in the information that you provided us, we will have complete right to refuse you service. This can also lead to a dispute which may be resolved in a court of law.

Content on our website

You cannot use the content on our website without taking permission from us. In case you copy our content, we will be enabled to sue you and ask for remittances. You may feel free to reference our website and the information provided by it. This should only be done if you are giving us reference correctly.

Errors and Issues

You may feel free to contact us in case of any issue. Our contact information is provided on our website. In case of an error, we will rectify it as soon as possible.